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Promotional Products

Dellware manufacture an extensive range of Barrel and Check-out type coolers and freezers which provide excellent "Spot" merchandising solutions. A unique feature is the removable branding wrap which can be easily interchanged adding value and longevity to the equipment.

see the range > Promotional Products

Our Barrel and Check-out type coolers and freezers provide excellent product profile for an instore promotion. The small footprint , shopper friendly features and high quality branding mean they are readily accepted by store owners and customers alike.

Note-as these cabinets are generally supplied for a project all prices are available upon application so we can endeavour to provide you with the best possible price available at the time.

see the range > Open Front Hot Food Displays

MD Series Open Front Hot food displays are a great option to drive self-serve impulse sales of hot packaged fresh food products such as fresh cooked chickens. The multi-tier design saves valuable floor space and the cabinets are easily manouvered.

Great product visibility and Innovative air-curtain technology to maintain safe holding temperatures for a minimum of 4 hours 

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